On Time Services Ltd

Concluded Freight Forwarding and logistics Management Services

Who We Are

A Group of people, passionate with our work, always ready and willing to deliver top quality services to any transportation task assigned.

Family Company, Knowhow, expertise, problem solving mentality, accurate information and execution, are some of the mottos that reflects us and our work.

Key Features

Among our extended number of strong points, below you can see the ones standing out, making us able to provide a solid and concluded quality result for any of your transportation needs.

IATA Agents

Direct and Immediate contact with all airlines reaching and departing ex Greece, better rates too!

Customs formalities DPT

Unparalleled response, experience and execution on your needed customs formalities.

Owned inland Transportation Fleet

Self-Managed Vehicles of all types, to ensure safe and smooth handling of your pickups and deliveries.

Global Affiliated Network

Selected Cooperatives throughout the world for a Global Top Quality Service.

Strategically selected, owned hubs and offices

Spread through central Points throughout Greece, for a complete pickup/ delivery circulation system.

Always there Mentality

24/ 7/ 365 availability, in order to cover even the most urgent and arisen cases.

Easy to use and customize

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